Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy deals with the science of studying body's structure and morphology by dissecting the cadavers, microscopic examinations, etc. Whereas, Physiology is the science of learning about the functioning of all the organs and systems in the human body. Currently, the study of Anatomy and Physiology is at its advanced level as many innovations and breakthroughs in the researches and scientific technologies for studying them are being developed progressively. The approach of advanced anatomy and physiology is to emphasize the inter relationship between the anatomical structure and the physiological functioning of the macro and microscopic levels of organisms.

The teaching procedures of anatomy and physiology have met with great evolutionary transformations ranging from a cadaver i.e. a dead body to modern patient viewing modalities. Some of the recent new achievements in this field are the Scaffold technology for bone healing, Stem cell research, virtual reality for paraplegics, Discovery of the linkage between hallucination and the musical aptitude, Early detection of osteoporosis, etc…

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